Will SEO Still Exist in Five Years?

Matt Cutts answers the question “Will SEO Still exist in Five Years?” in this Google Webmasters Video.

He answered this question in 2009 so we have at least until 2014 to keep polishing our websites just like you would do with a resume.

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Trying to do Phoenix SEO, or Link Building Yourself for Your Website?

If you have a website and you are trying to do Phoenix SEO, SEO in Phoenix, or SEO in Scottsdale check out this video about how you can use anchor text in your link building.

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wistia 100x96 black Trying to do Phoenix SEO, or Link Building Yourself for Your Website?

How can Small Businesses use Twitter?

Gary Vaynerchuk, built his dad’s small business a liquor store in New Jersey from 4 to 60 million in sales by creating a video wine blog that he did everyday for almost two years. Part of that was listening in communities or social networking sites like Twitter to what people were saying about wine and then trying to help.

Here is a video of Gary Vaynerchuk talking about how to use Twitter as a Small Business owner and be heard. This is one internet marketing strategy you can consider for your small business. But this is a long term and very time consuming strategy. If you think you are just going to game it, or it will be quick to produce leads you are better off with a WordPress Designed Website and Google Adwords.

Gary Vaynerchuk: Can Small Businesses Be Heard On Twitter? from OPEN Forum on Vimeo.

Best Video about Using Google Plus and Stop fighting the urge to Leave Facebook

So Epipheo Studios a killer video creation company I found on YouTube when searching for recent Gary Vaynerchuk videos. This is an example of why great content will naturally draw in people and create natural links and shares online. This is the second time we are using this video they just created and I found on Google Plus today. We also used it on our social media ROI website.

NetFlix Customers take to Social Media to Let them Now How They Feel

Netflix has been getting in front of a lot of people online the last few days. And this time it’s not one of those annoying pop ups they use. This time it’s on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. On NetFlix Facebook¬† there has already been over 42,000 comments about their 60% price increase. Customers are using the hashtag #DearNetflix to give them their two cents on the rate increase. They also have maxed out 5000 comments on their crappy blog.

This is another example of how social media is part of the new digital age and how consumers will talk about you, let you know how they feel, and how this is a new opportunity for companies to take in the immediate feedback, adjust, and make customers happy. Let’s see if NetFlix adjusts, ignores, or how they handle this PR problem.