Local Google Adwords Management for Small Business in Phoenix, Arizona

We recently had a year over year meeting with a client of ours that is a local pest control company in Phoenix. This client has been with us for over a year and half and with the holiday season and New Year we wanted to go over results so far.

This client is using our Local Google Adwords Management and now has 15 lead generating websites that are all on the first page of Google for the specific areas and services of his pest control and termite control business. We also have to say he was a huge believer in local internet marketing and was open from the start on our recommendations as he still is today.

So the results were in; (directly from the case study we put together for them)

6,215 Clicks, 4.5 Million Impressions
Avg. CPC $3.41
Avg. CPM $4.67

Total Calls:
995 Calls
$21.00 per call

Keep in mind Average CPC for a pest control company just starting  with Google Adwords is between $7-$10 a click and there are “lead providers” out there that we know sell these type of leads for $60-$100 per lead to multiple companies. When you first start out with Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Marketing it’s not just about the highest bid per keyword Google also looks at Quality Scores and rewards companies that are doing it right.

All calls were tracked and our client was able to listen to each call and as a benefit help his employees who answer the calls help convert more customers.  He has been able to save money because he has cut Yellow Page advertising while increasing business over 20% this past year.

We love clients like this. They were open to letting us do what we do best and they are continuing to do what they do best and improving every year even in this tough economy.

If you are a small business in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, or any other local metro market and need a website marketing company to manage your internet presence with real results like this give us call.

**We would be happy to help you just as long as you do not compete with our current clients. We work on an exclusive basis to help companies dominate online.

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