Local SEO

Local SEO uses traditional search engine optimization techniques and focuses on a specific region and local keywords. It is similar to SEO on a national level but you want to get links to your website from credible, relevant, local link sources. You also need to use local anchor text to point to your website or page you are trying to rank for that keyword.

Before marketing your business online, you need to decide on what customers you’re trying to reach. Do you want to market your product/service on a national level, or do you want to only concentrate on your local region or city? It’s always best to start with a local focus and from there you can always expand to other cities around you.

Stealth’s local SEO service provides a strategy to help you rank for local keywords for your business. Our goal is to help you get better visibility in the search engines for local keyword phrases that are relevant to your business. We use Internet marketing strategies to help optimize your site with Google Maps which is now Google Places, local directories, local blogs and more.

Stealth Media Agency also gives you the option of utilizing local lead sites to help with your local search engine presence. Local leads site or our small business websites are separate smaller websites that act as an extension of your main website. Strategic linking, keyword placement and other factors work simultaneously with these local lead sites to boost your presence in your local online market. Our local lead sites will also be sources of exclusive lead generation for your business.

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Still not sure if you want to call us? Check out these local lead site results we have achieved for our business.

We are first page for  Tucson SEO (  our site) – Click here for live results
We are first page for  Beverly Hills SEO ( our site) – Click here for live results
We are first page for  Philly SEO ( our site)- Click here for live results

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