Online Reputation Management

Is your company receiving online scrutiny? We’ll fight for you.

Online Reputation Management is the proactive tracking and/or repair of your name or brand name. It requires techniques and technologies to monitor the sentiment about your reputation, and then create and control positive content that outweighs the negative.

Online Reputation Management is becoming more of a necessity for building a brand. Not only do people search for businesses online, they also look for reviews and feedback from customers. Negative feedback (from sites such as, and may even cause a business to lose potential customers. It’s simply not fair. You have thousands or maybe even millions of customers and there is that one customer that was a nightmare. They turned to the internet and try to harm you even though you have 20,000 happy customers who love what you do. Unfortunately, negative people like to do negative things and its human nature for people to say negative things instead of going online to share their positive experiences.

We do not agree with the ability of that one person that might have not even been a fit for you business to ruin your reputation. We know how to help control it better for you with microsites, social profiles, press releases and reverse SEO. We are in your corner. We are all human, no one is perfect and we all make legitimate mistakes.

Stealth’s goal is to be proactive for your business and help create more positive buzz. No person or business is absolutely perfect, but consumer-to-consumer feedback can speak volumes while searching for a business online. We can monitor, track, and implement an Online Reputation plan for both personal and company brands.

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